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2019 CMS Summer Meeting, Regina, SK, June 7-10

The following sessions have been confirmed for this conference:

  • Advances and Applications in Geometric and Structure-Preserving Discretizations 
    Org: Uri Ascher (UBC), Alexander Bihlo (Memorial), Jean-Christophe Nave (McGill), Andy Wan (UNBC)
  • Algebraic and Symplectic Geometry of Moduli Spaces 
    Org: Steven Rayan (Saskatchewan), Derek Krepski (Manitoba)
  • Algebraic Geometry 
    Org: Nathan Ilten-Gee (SFU), Kalle Karu (UBC)
  • Asymptotic Analysis and Applications 
    Org: Chunhua Ou (Memorial), Xiang-Sheng Wang
  • Authentic Teaching and Learning in University Mathematics 
    Org: Fok-Shuen Leung (UBC), Vanessa Radzimski (Fraser Valley)
  • Complex Analysis and Operator Theory 
    Org: Javad Mashreghi (Laval), Nina Zorboska (Manitoba)
  • Discrete and Combinatorial Geometry 
    Org: Barry Monson (UNB), Asia Ivic Weiss (York)
  • Discrete Mathematics in Communications and Computation 
    Org: Megan Dewar, Daniel Panario (Carleton), David Thomson, (Carleton)
  • Distributions in Analytic Number Theory 
    Org: Alia Hamieh (UNBC), Habiba Kadiri (Lethbridge), Greg Martin (UBC), Nathan Ng (Lethbridge)
  • Educational Resources in Mathematics 
    Org: Kseniya Garaschuk (Fraser Valley), Andrew Hare (Saint Mary’s), Petra Menz (Simon Fraser)
  • Explicit Methods in Arithmetic Geometry 
    Org: Nils Bruin (Simon Fraser), Michael Jacobson (Calgary)
  • Geometric Analysis and Spectral Geometry 
    Org: Richard Froese (UBC), Alexandre Girouard (Laval)
  • Hamiltonian Dynamics and Applications 
    Org: Tanya Schmah (Ottawa), Cristina Stoica (Wilfrid Laurier University)
  • Harmonic Analysis and its Connections to Geometric Measure Theory and Combinatorics 
    Org: Kyle Hambrook (Rochester), Itay Londner (Tel Aviv)
  • History and Philosophy of Mathematics 
    Org: Maritza Branker (Niagara), Glen Van Brummelen (Quest), Nicolas Fillion (SFU)
  • Indigenization and Reconciliation through University Mathematics: Why, When and How? 
    Org: Darja Barr (Manitoba), Veselin Jungic (SFU), Shawn Desaulniers (Alberta), Edward Doolittle (First Nations University)
  • Inverse Problems in Mathematical Physics 
    Org: Peter Gibson (York), Yue Zhao
  • Mathematical and Computational Modeling from Sub-Cellular to Collective Behaviour in Cells 
    Org: Andreas Buttenschoen (UBC), Leah Keshet (UBC)
  • Mathematical Epidemiology 
    Org: Fred Brauer (UBC), Carlos Castillo-Chavez (Yachay Tech)
  • Mathematical Games 
    Org: Gary MacGillivray (Victoria), Andrew McEachern (Victoria)
  • Nonlocal Interaction Models: From Collective Behaviour to Pattern Formation 
    Org: Razvan Fetecau (SFU), Ihsan Topaloglu (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Operator Algebras Over Groups 
    Org: Volker Runde (Alberta), Matthew Wiersma (Alberta)
  • Recent Advances in Arithmetic and Hyperbolic Geometry 
    Org: Nathan Grieve (Michigan State University), Steven Lu (UQAM), Mike Roth (Queens)
  • Recent Trends in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Related Problems 
    Org: Slim Ibrahim (Victoria), Hiroaki Kikuchi, Yakine Bahri (Victoria)
  • Session in Honor of Dr. Robert Woodrow on the Occasion of his 70th birthday. Topics: Model Theory of Relational Structures; Homogeneous Structures; Ordered Sets; Graphs 
    Org: Gena Hahn (Montreal), Imed Zaguia (RMC)
  • Sparse Recovery, Learning, and Neural Networks 
    Org: Ben Adcock(SFU), Yaniv Plan(UBC), Ozgur Yilmaz (UBC)
  • STUDC Research Session 
  • Symbolic and Regular Powers of Ideals 
    Org: Susan Marie Cooper (Manitoba), Sara Faridi (Dalhousie), Adam Van Tuyl (McMaster)
  • Topology 
    Org: Krishanu Sankar (UBC), Claudius Zibrowius(Sherbrooke)
  • Variational Analysis and Monotone Operator Theory 
    Org: Heinz Bauschke (UBC), Xianfu Wang (UBC)
  • AARMS-CMS Student Poster Session 
    Org: to be announced
  • Contributed Papers 
    Org: to be announced